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diligence_tn.gifGMR dedicates itself as a value-added extension of its client's management team through the aggressive discovery and pursuit of only the most talented resources.  This can only happen by investing the time to learn as much as possible about each client's business, culture and long term objectives.

Once requirements are thoroughly defined, GMR search consultants prepare a research plan entailing a multi-threaded sourcing strategy.  Guided throughout the full search life cycle by GMR's Diligence™ methodology, GMR consultants rigorously screen and qualify prospects on multiple levels for talent, experience, longevity, motivation and character.

Building an outstanding management team or finding the right person to lead a Fortune 500 company doesn't happen by accident.  The Diligence™  recruiting methodology ensures that every GMR recruiter follows a rigorous process that enables clients to build organizations with best-of-breed talent.

GMR believes that as a professional services firm, it is our responsibility to exert our leadership and judgment, and provide the client with only specifically targeted, pre-interviewed, pre-screened, pre-qualified and pre-sold candidates.  The burden of qualifying candidates, screening and determining the highest probability of a match falls upon GMR, not the client.  The Diligence™ process gives hiring managers and human resource professionals a high level of confidence that the candidates they meet will have the highest probability of long-term career success; thereby reducing the cost-to-hire and maximizing employee retention.

The Diligence™ process begins with face-to-face client meetings to develop detailed requirements based on the strategic and tactical needs of the organization and the business.  GMR invests time upfront to learn about a client's business issues, understand the culture and document the client's needs.  In consulting, success hinges upon gathering detailed client requirements.  The same is true in recruiting.  Accurate job requirements maximize the productivity of GMR's recruiters by focusing their sourcing efforts on candidates who have the highest probability of a match, and the productivity of the client by presenting only a select few of the most qualified candidates.

Diligence™ guides GMR with a target-specific, multi-threaded sourcing process to identify and assess those most coveted, passive candidates who have the greatest likelihood to possess the specific skills, industry experience and talent most valued by each client's hiring authorities.  Diligence™ further directs GMR to rigorously measure candidates in exhaustive, multi-hour, face-to-face interviews.  GMR assesses each candidate with situational questions, in-depth career tracking and unbiased third party references, in addition to evaluating experience, management style, and human character - qualities that cannot be assessed with todays overly automated, Internet-centric, sourcing tactics.  Interviewers rate candidates on GMR's Diligence Scorecard™, which allows them to apply subjective judgment on each candidate within an objective framework.  Comparative scores on multiple candidates then are plotted graphically on GMR's Diligence Quadrant™. Candidates are appraised for both their capability and their likely longevity as an employee.  These tools enable interviewers to constructively challenge their emotional instincts and focus on the documented requirements.  Diligence Scorecard™ and Diligence Quadrant™ serve the same purpose for the client's interview team, as well.

The same process is followed for all engagements Consultants invest hours with prospects, not minutes.  Many may be considered.  All are judged.  Only a select few earn the right to be presented as candidates.

By wisely choosing to have their searches conducted on a retained basis, clients benefit in many ways. First, clients gain exclusivity to the active candidates we present, meaning clients are never placed in competition with each other. Second, recruiting teams stay focused on filling client needs, instead of marketing candidates wherever there is an opening. Third and perhaps most importantly, retained search allows recruiting teams to interview exhaustively, increasing the quality of placements and client satisfaction.

Throughout the client's interview process, finalist selection, offer presentation, negotiation, acceptance and transition assimilation, GMR remains centrally involved, orchestrating, counseling and guiding all involved to ensure the successful hire of the best person possible.


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