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Great results come from great work.  Quality search work demands research, planning, a process, judgment and finesse.  Beginning with the gathering of detailed and accurate requirements, through the orchestration of the client's interview process, we pay attention to every detail. There are no shortcuts.

Believe in your client.  If we cannot be confident in a company's executive team, corporate culture, business model or future, we will not represent that company.  Candidates entrust us with their careers.  They deserve our sincere belief that any career moves we propose are sound and align with their stated priorities.  When a company becomes our client, we immerse ourselves as its advocate.  We become the client.

Effective search work demands collaboration.  We are in this together.  We need to work in concert throughout the life cycle of the search.  After a search is completed, we need to revisit with you what transpired and how our respective roles can be made even more effective next time, whether you are a client or a candidate.

Top performers never have to look for opportunities.  They are sought after by people in the know.  That is why we value referrals to passive candidates so highly.  Our Friends of the Firm help us ensure we continually discover the best people at the best run companies, whether they are looking or not.

Relationships are everything.  All businesses depend on relationships, no less so in recruiting.  Relationships are a by-product of earned trust, collaboration, generosity and personal interaction.  Developing relationships with clients and candidates is probably the most enjoyable and productive activity we do.

Integrity demands candor.  When the client is right, we honor the client.  When the client is wrong, we speak up.  Our professional responsibility demands that we do whatever is necessary to ensure our client's success, even if our candor may put our business relationship at risk.  We expect nothing less in return from our clients.

There is no substitute for human judgment.  Information technology can do marvelous things, but it cannot supplant the judgment of experienced professionals in assessing human competencies or character, orchestrating an effective interview process, or in presenting an offer that is fair and acceptable.

Trust the process, never the resume.  Too often resumes lie.  They almost always imply.  Any stated responsibilities, accomplishments, expertise or leadership must be challenged and qualified.  Only a cordial application of cynicism balanced by our process ensures that we objectively validate the truth of what any candidate brings to the table.  The best recruiters see candidates for whom they truly are, not who recruiters want them to be.

Never waste the client's time.  Clients rely upon GMR to source, qualify and recruit on their behalf.  We spend an inordinate amount of time performing those duties, so our clients can stay focused on their businesses.  We may present anywhere from one to four highly qualified candidates - each of whom we are confident can do the job exceedingly well - not fifteen or twenty prospects who either are ill qualified or uncertain why they are interviewing at all.

Do the right thing. Always.
"General Management Resources is the best recruiting group I've ever worked with. I run the Supply Chain at Gap Inc. through five Senior Vice Presidents. You have helped me search for three of the five. One of the searches, you took over from one of the big search firms who had been unsuccessful for the better part of a year. GMR successfully filled that opening in about three months."

Charles K. Crovitz
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Gap Inc.

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