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Martin A. Wood
Founder & President

Since founding GMR in 1977, Mr. Wood has played a significant role in shaping the standards that measure and define what makes a successful executive in the United States. Opinionated, direct and intensely passionate about what he does, Mr. Wood has served as the confidant and career advisor to many executives over the decades, ever willing to lend advice and counsel to people he respects.

A native of Chicago, Mr. Wood has built a loyal clientele through his enormously high energy, passion, dedication and commitment to building long lasting relationships. Although he manages searches for executives in many industries, Mr. Wood has accumulated particularly vast experience in building organizations in the Retail industry.  Prior to founding GMR, Mr. Wood held senior management responsibilities in Philadelphia, New York, Toronto, and San Francisco.


Bill Ward
Vice President
Bill Ward is Vice President of Executive Search for GMR. For over 11 years, Bill has successfully recruited executives across multiple disciplines and industries. He has worked successfully with GMR for 9 years. Bill is responsible for GMR’s search operations, client management, and sales and marketing. Bill has successfully managed searches for a broad range of leadership roles and an even more diverse client base. In addition, he has been instrumental in leading successful outcomes on numerous international searches for clients in the midst of significant restructuring and other difficult circumstances.

Over the course of his career in executive search, Bill has continued to improve the formalized search methodology utilized at GMR. Working closely with his clients to understand what truly drives results and what doesn’t. Bill is able to streamline and simplify one of the most important aspects of competing in business today; hiring exceptional people. According to Bill, the key to having a great hiring process is being able to see a person as they really are, not as you would like to see them. In order to do this effectively, developing a set of requirements that truly define success within the role is paramount. “Too many companies hire people based on criteria that does not have anything to do with outcomes,” according to Bill. “When I define what needs to be achieved, I can measure an individual’s comparable success which is paramount in my ability to determine overall fit for my client.”

Bill earned his B.S. degree in Business Administration from UOP and is an active member of several professional organizations including the Institute of Internal Auditors, FENG and Cal CPA.

Bill has consulted to and completed successful searches to such clients as Applied Materials, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, Direct TV, Coast Aerospace, Talon International, Princess Cruises, City of Hope, Mattel, LVMH, DFS Group, Ross Stores, Unified Grocers, Goodwill Industries, Raytheon and numerous private investors.

"General Management Resources is the best recruiting group I've ever worked with. I run the Supply Chain at Gap Inc. through five Senior Vice Presidents. You have helped me search for three of the five. One of the searches, you took over from one of the big search firms who had been unsuccessful for the better part of a year. GMR successfully filled that opening in about three months."

Charles K. Crovitz
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Gap Inc.

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