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When it comes to executive and middle management positions, few companies take time to accurately define or gain consensus on an open position's role, requirements, near-term and long-term deliverables, or its relationship to other functions within the company.  Instead, they defer to generic job descriptions that bear little relevance to what is truly needed.  Interviewers inject their own diverse perspectives, criteria and agendas, unaware that conflicting messages may be delivered to candidates.  The search process meanders.  Time is lost.  An endless succession of candidates trudges through the process.  Candidates lose interest.  When offers are made, few understand why the best candidates decline.  In the end, the company settles for whomever it can hire, relieved to have the opening filled.

The consequence of hiring the wrong person can be costly on many levels - lost productivity, missed milestones, stalled corporate initiatives, cultural devolution and increased turnover.  For any impactful position, does it not make sense to define what is needed, and ensure every participant in the selection is on the same page from the very outset - at a position's genesis?

GMR wrote the book on orchestrating accurate position requirements.  Whether as part of a formal search, or on a consulting basis in GMR's Executive GenesisSM program, GMR's consultants will work with a sponsoring executive to:

  • Define position requirements at the front-end, including hiring criteria, reporting relationships, corporate objectives, near-term/long-term deliverables, required compensation and incentives
  • Resolve or neutralize organizational conflicts
  • Ensure consensus between all participants on final requirements, candidate criteria, the process to be followed, and the message to be delivered to all candidates.

In addition, as an objective third party, GMR can facilitate the back-end of the process to help the interview team dispassionately assess, select and hire the best candidate for all the established logical reasons, stripping out emotional leanings and political agendas.  The result:

  • A better, more accurate and informed hire, who understands precisely what is expected and will hit the ground running
  • A leadership team with a clear vision of why it selected this professional, how it will measure that individual's success and what support will be needed to ensure that success

"Unified Western Grocers strongly recommends Artesient due to the outstanding performance demonstrated on the many projects they completed for us... All of our projects have been a success and they have demonstrated a commitment to meet the needs of my organization.  It has been a pleasure working with Artesient, and they have earned their place as a valued technology vendor partner."

Gary S Herman
Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Unified Western Grocers, Inc.

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