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Clients and candidates tell us they are acutely aware of the paradigm shift that has taken place in the search industry.  Less personal interaction, more electronic communication.  Greater emphasis on speed and transaction volumes, and less on quality.  Candidates say it is unusual to find recruiters who will invest time to get to know them.  Hiring managers tell us the Internet has made identifying previously unknown prospects more convenient than ever, but since they spend so many more hours each day sifting, qualifying and disqualifying prospects through phone interviews, they now shoulder more of the burden of recruiting, not less.  We sympathize.

Search firms recognized early on that the Internet is the world's largest classified ad medium.  As a sourcing channel that can be easily managed by entry level researchers (as opposed to search consultants), nearly all firms have dramatically changed their internal processes, their resource balancing requirements and their deliverable priorities.  As a result, many of their values regarding the quality of results and success have changed.

Ours have not.  As a firm, GMR has evolved to leverage many of the benefits that information technology provides. But rather than abandon our core competencies in order to make up for our deficiencies, we chose long ago to apply technology to augment our competencies, rather than displace them.  By continuing to hold true to our philosophy, we found we could maintain our most valued competencies, our integrity as your business partner and our value proposition as a professional services firm.

Our most valued competencies.   We still believe in interviews.  Hard, challenging, probing, informative interviews conducted face-to-face in the quiet of an undisturbed office, preferably our own.  Hours of interviews that leave few stones unturned, and an understanding of an individual as he or she truly is, not as whom we would like them to be.  We also believe in the extraordinary value of having senior recruiters do their own targeted sourcing through referrals, because the best people are rarely looking for work.  Lastly, we believe that no search can ever be effective unless we thoroughly understand its requirements.  That's why we never accept a job description at face value.  There always is more to learn.  We take the time to gather requirements and establish with our client precisely where the bar needs to be set.

Our integrity as your business partner.  What is best for our client is best for us.  Our responsibility as your business partner requires dedication, loyalty and candor. As you work with us, you come to discover that we take your success personally.  We take pride in playing a part in that.  We seek to leave your hiring process better after each search we perform.  We also recognize that since we are any candidate's first window into your company, our professionalism and integrity must be impeccable.

Our value proposition.  We do not simply look for a body with certain skills, education or experience.  We look for the best person who can make the most difference - in your business, your corporate culture, and your company's future.  Our involvement with you and with our candidate does not end at the successful conclusion of a search.  We stay involved to ensure each candidate's success so that your investment and trust in GMR remains secure for the long term.  That is our commitment to you as your partner.

"General Management Resources is the best recruiting group I've ever worked with. I run the Supply Chain at Gap Inc. through five Senior Vice Presidents. You have helped me search for three of the five. One of the searches, you took over from one of the big search firms who had been unsuccessful for the better part of a year. GMR successfully filled that opening in about three months."

Charles K. Crovitz
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Gap Inc.

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