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Salary surveys are conducted and published by special interests for every profession under the sun.  At their most basic level, the majority of these surveys are flawed and inaccurate due to the age and source of the data.  In addition, surveys commonly fail to offer geographical or cost-of-living considerations, making the national averages cited in most surveys meaningless for professionals seeking to determine their worth relative to local employers.
One salary survey resource GMR does recommend is  While no salary survey can account for all factors impacting all situations (e.g., current competitive pressures, regional factors, changing economic conditions, industry fluctuations), it is our experience that presents reasonably representative figures for salaries, bonuses and benefits for most positions.  More importantly, because it also factors in cost-of-living variances based on metropolitan location, the ranges presented are more on target than in most surveys.

Salary Wizard features a Salary Wizard, an interactive database of up-to-date market compensation information. Unlike compensation surveys, which report data effective as of a fixed date, the Salary Wizard is a report of a continual research study. It includes data on approximately 1,200 unique jobs and 4,000 job titles that can be mapped to those jobs. The data is intended to provide a reasonable range for typical cash compensation earned by the typical person working in that job. The data used to develop the pay levels shown in the Salary Wizard is based on the pay practices of companies of all industries, of all sizes, and from all around the United States.

To determine the market pay ranges,'s compensation consultants have collected and reviewed data covering more than 1.3 million individuals working at more than 5,000 companies.   The data in the Salary Wizard represents national average practices; metro or ZIP code level data is based on a geographic salary equivalent factor (similar to a cost-of-living adjustment factor).   One of the most significant benefits of's proprietary methodology for determining pay ranges based on national averages and geographic pay differentials is that is able to publish a fair pay range for any market, even when actual survey data for employers in a specific industry and region is limited.

C-Level Executive Comparison

Intriguingly, also offers an Executive Compensation Wizard, which allows users to enter the name or ticker symbol of a public company and pull up the total cash compensation, long term incentives and other incentives of specific corporate officers.  For senior executives considering positions at those companies, competitors or in comparably sized organizations in those cities, this wizard can provide a reasonable baseline for what one might expect.

Relocation Considerations

Considering a new city?'s cost-of-living calculator compares living-cost indexes and salary differentials to help you make an informed comparison. Learn how your disposable income will be affected by relocation between any combination of 300-plus U.S. cities. The Cost-of-Living Wizard also reports the salary adjustment needed to maintain your standard of living, and what salary increase or decrease is likely given local market factors.
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