Executive Coaching
GMR professionals provide customized executive coaching on a one-on-one basis, offering a critical, confidential source of support and development. Coaching can enhance an executive's organizational performance, prepare for succession planning, increase value to oneself and one's organization, improve how to deal with difficult people or situations, how to transition to a new career or industry, and much more.

The finest managers and colleagues have always coached the people around them. In organizations today, it's more common to find managers having to manage upwards and having little time to devote to the people in their teams. A professional coach therefore can play a supporting role in the development of that team, bridging the gap between expectation and performance in exactly the same way that the coach of an athletic team supports its team owner.

It is not uncommon for corporate executives with histories of high performance to find themselves abruptly faced with challenges they find difficult to understand.  Perhaps they attained their positions for one set of knowledge or skills, whereas their current positions demand new, less well understood skills. Left unaddressed, these issues can lead to lower productivity, failed expectations, inappropriate behavior, or even termination.  GMR can provide these professionals the tools they need to resolve their challenges and difficulties.  GMR's executive coaching program takes a personalized approach that focuses on specific results and outcomes.  It begins with face-to-face sessions, and is maintained with telephone support sessions.